Technology Assessment & Research

Is your organization struggling to keep up with the Volume, Variety and Velocity of the data flowing through it? Are you convinced of the value-add of Big Data but need support in developing and justifying a valid business Use Case? Are you overwhelmed with the variety of Big Data tools and vendors available in the marketplace and need help in determining the optimum technology fit for your organization’s current and future business requirements and technology infrastructure?  Are you thinking of implementing a Big Data environment but need guidance to ensure successful deployment and to liaison with the various internal and external stakeholders?

SQS Data specializes in Information Management particularly in the Big Data space.  Our team of certified Big Data professionals has hands-on experience working with numerous Big Data tools in industries such as Telecommunications, Banking, Government and Manufacturing.  Our team also has experience in dealing with some of the Big Data vendors such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, Amazon, Rackspace and others.

 We will work with you to unlock the hidden value in your data.  Our commitment of leveraging enterprise-grade Open Source software ensures that you will get the technology recommendation that is the most cost-effective.  Contact us now for more details.

Our experts have experience with the latest cutting-edge Big Data tools:

Big Data OS and Platforms: Hadoop MapReduce/YARN, Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks  HDP, Apache Spark

No-SQL Data Stores: Hbase, Cassandra, MongoDB

Data Science tools: Scala, Python, R, Knime

Data Quality: Ataccama DQC

Visualization: Tableau, Microstrategy

Cloud: Rackspace, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

SQL-On-Hadoop: Impala, Hive

Security and Governance: Falcon, Atlas, Knox, Ranger

Others: Kafka, Flume, Oozie, ZooKeeper, Sqoop, Pig

Big Data Strategy & Implementation

As thought leaders in the Big Data domain, we leverage our cross-industry expertise to aid clients in developing their data strategy and guiding them through the process of building their capabilities to enable the successful execution of these strategies. 

We will work with you to transform your organization to become more data-driven leveraging the latest cutting edge Big Data tools while ensuring the necessary data Governance and Security requirements are met.  SQS Data can even assist in the implementation of a Big Data Proof of Concept prototype system to help justify the Return on Investment to the strategic decision makers in your organization. 

We can also manage the entire end-to-end implementation on your behalf as our experts have the hands-on expertise in setting up Big Data clusters and in integrating various datasets together. 

  Contact us for more information.

Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

It’s no secret that data is increasingly providing competitive edge to organizations that can successfully explore this data and derive meaningful insights.  In a recent study published by Forbes, it was demonstrated that only 0.5% of the world’s data is ever analyzed and used.  Due to the rapid infusion of Social Media, smartphones, and the Internet of Things, organizations can no longer afford to ignore this ever-increasing data deluge.  SQS Data will help your organization to capture all of the raw data that flows through the various systems and to unlock the hidden value in this data by deriving meaningful insights and by visualizing these insights into an understandable at a glance format that is easily communicated to decision makers.  Our continuous research allows us to recommend the optimum tools that your organization can leverage to visually represent strategic high value data not only in Batch but also in Real-Time as events occur.

We deploy Advanced Analytics for efficient and effective decision support.  Contact us for more information.

Data Quality

The quality of your data is critical to a successful Information Management strategy as this data will be leveraged for strategic decision making.  Low data quality can lead to inaccurate reporting and loss of trust in the data validity.   SQS’s Data Quality services enables your organization to have greater trust in its data and provides your organization with the tools and methodologies to ensure ongoing means of maintaining the data and deriving insights. 

  Our commitment is to make your data more precise, trustworthy, reliable and manageable.  SQS Data’s Big Data experts have hands-on experience and a proven track record of successfully working with organizations to address their Data Quality challenges.  

Data Governance

An effective Governance strategy for your data is critical to the overall success of any Information Management initiative.  As your organization grows, the volume, variety, velocity of the data grows accordingly and the veracity of the data become increasingly challenging.  As data becomes more democratized in your organization, an increasing number of stakeholders will require continuous access to the systems.  It is vital that a properly setup strategy, framework and system are setup to ensure the necessary policies and guidelines for data ownership, management and use are streamlined through your organization. 

SQS Data’s Governance services will ensure that your organization has a well-established and streamlined Information Management framework along with the necessary policies in place to meet the requirements of all stakeholders and data security guidelines. We will help your organization in the planning and execution of the Data Governance roadmap.  

Emerging Technology Corporate Training

Your organization has just implemented a new Big Data infrastructure which took several months to setup.  Budgets have been approved, tools have been deployed and the implementation roadmap is on track.  However, it seems that the new Big Data tools need a different skillset than what your current staff have.  That’s not a surprise, as traditional Database and Datawarehouse tools operate in a very different way than Big Data platforms such as Hadoop and Apache Spark. 

Should you augment your current staff with Big Data contractors or is it preferred to train your in-house employees, upgrade their skillsets and migrate them over this new initiative? SQS Data can help with both services.  Our industry certified Hadoop Developers and Data Scientists have proven track records of performing training for Information Management professionals on the latest, cutting-edge Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, Scala, R and Tableau. 

Contact us today for more information on our Corporate Training services.

Emerging Technology Recruitment

You just implemented a Big Data project and you’re eager to start leveraging its powerful capabilities.  However, your current staff lack the skills required to manage and use this new environment and training them needs time, a luxury which is not currently available.  You’ve also heard that Big Data experts are in high demand and that they’re not easy to find. 

  SQS Data has a widespread network among the Big Data consultants in Canada.  Leveraging this network, we are committed to quickly providing high-quality Emerging Technology experts at affordable rates. 

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Data Science

While Advanced Analytics and BI is more of an exploratory process, Data Science takes things to the next level by overlaying statistical analysis, machine learning, and econometrics for the purpose of developing algorithms, methodologies and software for Predictive Analytics.  This helps organizations not only visualize their data but to statistically analyze data for patterns, trends, correlations and outliers.  The Prediction of future trends can be further enabled by integrating internal data and external data to provide a more strategic and comprehensive 360 degree perspective. 

Our team of certified Data Scientists has hands-on experience working with clients in various industry verticals and have expertise with the following:

Software: Scala,  Apache Spark, Python, R, Weka, Knime

Exploratory Data Analysis: Box Plot, Histograms, Scatter Plots, Support Vector Machines.

Predictive Modeling: Correlations Analysis, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Principle Component Analysis, Ensemble Algorithms, Regression Algorithms, Classification Algorithms. 

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